12 micro startups in 12 months?

12 micro startups in 12 months?

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I have been inspired by this building trend for a long time. Should I do it too?

I have followed a lot of people doing this trend, and I think it's really inspiring and cool to see what people are able to build in such short amount of time.

I have thought about doing it for a long time, but I never felt that I could really commit to it and I'm still not sure.

A couple of week ago I started building a micro SaaS and thought that it might be the start of my journey as well. But who knows where this will take me?

The tech I'm using

Since I'm most efficient with Django, I'm going to stick with it. For design, I'm going to use Tailwind.

I'm going to try building a sort of framework that I can keep using through these 12 months so that I can build more and more advanced things, and hopefully be able to reuse some of the code.

The first project

I'm not 100% ready to share what the project is yet, but I can say that I have already come a long way.

I have implemented teams, limitations, payment gateway and all of the functionality I need. Right now I'm just polishing things. The thing about building micro startups in such a short amount of time is that thing might not get very polished. But I was fortunate enough this time that it was very quick to build.


I know that most of my followers are interested in learning things from me through tutorials, and that is something I'm going to keep making for my YouTube channel.

But I'm also going to start making videos about making money online, how to build a SaaS, marketing, how my startups goes and similar.

Anyways, 12 micro startups in 12 months is a HUGE commitment. So for now, I'm just giving it a try and we'll see where it takes us :-D


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