6 quick programming questions for beginners

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In this article, I'll answer 6 typical programming questions I get from beginners.

-How to get started with programming?

Honestly, just download VS code, go to YouTube and search for Python for beginners.
There are a ton of good tutorials for beginners there.
And Python is the perfect start for you.

-Isn't programming just boring ones and zeros?

No and far from it
Programming is a creative process which can be very fun if you do it for the right reasons

-Is using StackOverflow considered as a bad thing?

Yes and no.
Many beginners thinks that it's a bad thing.
The only negative thing about using StackOverflow is if you just blindly copy code without understanding it.

-Do I have to memorize all the code?

No In the beginning, don't worry if you constantly have to go to the documentation or tutorials to see what the code looks like.
Memorizing it isn't important. You will get more and more hang of it the more you use it.

-Is HTML a programming language?

No, it's a markup language.
But no one REALLY cares if you call it programming

-Can anyone become a programmer?

Yes. But if you do it for the wrong reasons, it will probably be boring and you wont become a good programmer.
Programming is very hard if you do it just for the money.



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