Full course - Full Django Course - Build A SaaS From Scratch

00:00:00 Introduction and demo
00:01:49 Todo list
00:04:54 Virtual environment
00:05:20 Install/Setup Django
00:06:44 Base templates
00:17:59 Custom user model
00:21:30 Authentication
00:38:14 App/models for links
00:41:40 Creating categories
00:48:20 Adding links
01:00:20 View links
01:05:55 Dashboard
01:14:50 Categories page
01:18:34 Edit category
01:22:47 Delete categories
01:24:30 Edit links
01:28:30 Filtering categories
01:32:28 Limits/Plans
01:37:20 Stripe

This will teach you Django from scratch. You will learn about views, models, templates and how to do integrations.

The users will have limits for number of bookmarks, there will be recurring payments and similar.



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