Part one - Installation and setup - Learn Django By Building a CRM

In this course, I will teach you basic Django by building a CRM from scratch. I will begin by installing and setting up everything we need, and then build the project piece by piece.

Things you will learn in this video:
-How to set up the development environment
-How to install Django
-Basic Django / Python
-Tailwind CSS


Heidi | Mar 09, 23 05:15

Hi Stein. Thank you for making this course free! Do you have the code in github? I followed along but none of my Submit buttons are working and I cannot see where I went wrong

Stein Ove Helset | Apr 08, 23 06:18

Hey, yes the code is located here:

Heidi | Mar 09, 23 05:26

No worries. I found my problem. The submit button was outside the form

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