Part 11 - Quiz - Learning Management System - Django and Vue

Learn how to implement a simple quiz for our Learning Management System using Django and Vue.

00:00 Create database model for quizzes
01:29 Register Quiz in admin and add quiz
03:16 Make a new serializer
04:20 Make a new view
05:54 When opening a quiz, load questions
10:05 Make it possible to answer a quiz
12:37 Disable comments for quizzes


Lamin | Mar 06, 22 11:24

Hi Stein
I really like the course, and was wondering if you gonna add some more functionality to it? Like customizing the MyAccount page, so the users can see the courses they are enrolled in, the lessons page how to links to YouTube video lessons, to have paid courses and free courses, maybe a teachers page so the teacher can see all the students and which courses they’re enrolled on. Just feel like it was a great course but missing some more functionalities.

Stein Ove Helset | Mar 15, 22 07:13

Hello, nice to see you here too :-D I will add more functionality later yes ;-)

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