Part 17 - Adding lessons - Learning Management System - Django and Vue

Let's make it possible to add lessons to the courses.

In the seventeenth part of this Django and Vue tutorial series, we are going to continue working on letting authors create courses with lessons.


Eric Harvey | Apr 27, 23 06:49

I would love to know more about what you were thinking for next steps. This has been a great series and thank you!
I'm wondering if you would consider looking at doing the following:
- Add a confirmation for when a learner changes the lesson to "done". What if they click by accident?
- Add more to the Lessons form, like the ability to craft quizzes or video types.
- The draft -> submit for review -> published workflow... were you intended for that to all happen on the admin side?
- Roles - Better define roles like "learner", "author", and "teacher" and define what their initial role permissions are.

Thanks again for all of this!

Stein Ove Helset | May 20, 23 06:33

thanks for the feedback. I haven't seen any of the comments (e-mail hasn't been working or something). I will look into this and see what I can do :-D

Eric Harvey | Apr 27, 23 06:53

Oh. In addition to my last comment -- adding a Wysiwyg Editor / RCE like TinyMCE -- or another option. Supposedly there's a good Vue.js integration!

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