Created merch for Code With Stein

Created merch for Code With Stein

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I just released a simple shop where you can buy merch with Code With Stein logo to support me.

I have decided to open up a little web shop where you can buy different clothes and some other things with my logo on to support me.

If you buy during the two first weeks, you will get a 15% discount :-D

More products and designs will come!

Check it out

Click here to visit the shop.


Farkhat | Apr 30, 21 10:44

Hey, your shop work on Django ?

Stein Ove Helset | May 01, 21 06:34

Hi Farkhat!
No, it's a out-of-the-box type of solution :-) Just wanted to quickly create a store without using too much time on it :-)

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