How Long Time Does It Take To LEARN Django

How Long Time Does It Take To LEARN Django

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One of the questions I get asked most about here on YouTube is “How long time does it take to learn Django” and similar.

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This is a question which can be hard to give a good answer to for many reasons, and in this video I will talk a little bit about it.

1) People learn differently

Some people like to learn by doing, some people like to learn by reading documentation and some people like going through tutorials here on YouTube.

Some people even want to go to school to learn development.

The point is that even something simple as this makes the time to learn something very differently.

2) People have different backgrounds

I know that some of my subscribers don’t know anything at all when they start learning, but other might know a little bit about development or have some understanding of how things are connected and work.

If you don’t know anything at all, you will most likely use more time than someone who already knows a little bit.

But some people learn faster than others, despite having a better background before they started.

3) It’s a big difference between learning Django, and actually mastering it.

You can learn the syntax, and how things work. How to build basic web sites and similar.

But at soon as you hit an error, or you need to build something on your own, you need more than the basics of Django.

To find errors, you need a deeper understanding of whats going on.

Also, when you first start learning something. You might think that you have learned it, but when you’re given a task to do something, you might not understand how to solve it.

Learning to see the big picture, taking on big projects and similar takes time and experience.

4) How much time can you spend per day?

It’s a big difference to spend 10 hours one day compared to 2 hours over 5 days.

In my opinion, it’s much better to spend a few hours per day than many hours on one day.

You need to keep reading or watching tutorials, and implement what you have learned.

Keep building small projects, and try to implement new features.

If you’re going through a tutorial, try go further than what you learned.

5) People have different meanings of what “learning django” means

Does learning Django mean that you can get a job, or just that you’re able to build a web site using it?

All in all, it’s hard to answer this question.

But I hope this at least clarifies the question a little bit for you guys out there.

Also remember, experience and the willingness to learn is the most important part of this.

Keep building projects and show them in your portfolio or Github.

This is what will get employers your attention.

Not sure where you should go to begin learning Django? Check out some of my courses.



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