How to build a simple Twitter clone using Django and Vue.js

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Building a social network isn't just a really cool project, but it's also a project that can teach you a lot of new cool things. In this video we will begin by installing the software we need, creating a new Django project and build a simple Twitter clone piece by piece. At the end of this video, you will have a working social network that we will deploy to a live server.

This video assumes that you got basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It would also help if you have some prior experience with Django, but I try to explain things as good as I can, so hopefully no one should feel lost.

Most of this video will be for learning Django. But I really like the combination of Django and Vue, so I'm going to use this JavaScript framework for many different things like sending data to the backend, validation and similar.

Todo list for building the social network

-Setup and create project
-Create folders for structure and similar
-Create app for core views
-Create app for oinks
-Create app for user profiles
-Create base html files
-Create front page with some information
-Create login page
-Create signup page
-Create page for "my feed"
-Make it possible to sign out
-Make it possible to write an oink (Vue.js - Submit and append to list)
-Make it possible to search for oinkers and oinks
-Make it possible to follow an oinker (Vue.js - Send using Ajax)
-Make it possible to see my followers / who I follow
-Make it possible to see who other oinkers follows / are followed by
-Add profile pictures
-Make it possible to click on a user in the search results
-Make it possible to click on a user in follows/followers
-Get notifications in the menu
-Make it possible to like an Oink
-Add page for conversations
-Make it possible to see a conversation
-Make it possible to send a direct message (Vue.js - Submit and append to list)
-Deploy to a server

Source code: GitHub


Dima Smallville | Oct 04, 21 04:52

its very very cool!

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