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Sometimes you want to select a list of random objects from a QuerySet. Using a built in function from Python, this is a really simple task.

Let's say that we have a product model for storing products in an e-commerce. On the front-page of the e-commerce, we want to show 9 random products from the database.

To achieve this, we first get a list of products and then we randomize this.

import random

def frontpage(request):
    products = list(Product.objects.all())

    products = random.sample(products, 9)

    return render(request, 'front-page.html', {'products': products})

It's actually as simple as this!
First we import random from Python. Then we create a new view and get products from the database.

The function we use for randomizing the products only works with lists, so we need to convert the queryset to a list. A queryset is by default a dictionary.

When we have the list, we can randomize this by running "random.sample". We pass in the list and the number of products we want.

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Dihfahsih Mugoya | Apr 14, 21 12:57

Thanks so much for this snippet, it was of great use to my script.

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