Launched Roadlifer - Discover more

Launched Roadlifer - Discover more

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Roadlifer is an app for the vanlife community. I have built it using React Native in the front end, and used Django for the backend.

I started buildnig this app many many months ago together with my girl friend. She does the design, and I do the programming.

We have lived full time in a van for almost 3 years now, and we have always wanted a really good solution for finding parkups, experiences, connecting with people, etc.

We came up with the idea of just building it our self.

Can I test it?

Sure you can :-D

At least if you live somewhere in Europe. This is where we chose to launch the app first at least. We might expand later into other countries as well.

Go to the bottom of this page to find links, or search us up.

The tech stack

I guess many of you are interested in the tech behind the app. The app is built with React Native (Expo) with some plugins for the map and similar.

In the back end, I used Django. For the API part of the backend, I used Django rest framework.

Want to check it out your self?
App Store:
Google Play:


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