Month one - My first SaaS Hubblon

Month one - My first SaaS Hubblon

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During February, I built my first SaaS and here's a little bit info about the process and similar.


I was actually ready to deploy the project the 14th of February. So it's been live for two weeks when I write this post. During this period, there has been 150 visitors and 10 of these has actually signed up.

I haven't made any money yet, but I didn't expect that anyways.

Building the SaaS

Hubblon is a web app to make it easier for teams to hold their standups. I have implemented teams, limitations, payment gateway (I use Stripe and Dj-stripe by the wail). And I have implemented all of the other functionality I need as well.

So I'm sticking with Django for the project, and will most likely continue to do so.


I haven't really done a lot of marketing for this SaaS, and probably wont either. Right now, I have posted a little bit about it on twitter, but I have also made a little video (see it below) on my YouTube channel.

What's next?

The first month is over, and I'm ready to start working on the next project. I hope this will be even better. At least that's the goal. Since I have already made things like authentication, teams, plans, etc for Hubblon, I should be able to reuse a little bit of this.

I'm going to write a new post in a few days where I talk about what March will be all about :-)



Tushar Ghige | Sep 04, 23 03:32

Why is Hubblon not opening?

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