My favorite frontend frameworks

My favorite frontend frameworks

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Over the years I've tried a lot of different frontend frameworks. Both CSS and JavaScript. And here you can read about my favorites.

Frontend frameworks are good for increasing your productivity. They help you to build websites more quickly and you don't have to keep reinventing the wheels over and over again.

CSS framework

I often used to create websites without using a CSS framework. But the last couple of years I've been using CSS frameworks more and more.

The first framework I was introduced to was Bootstrap. I loved it at the beginning, but I thought it was to hard to customize it exactly the way I wanted it. So many times I just used the grid or a few other components from Bootstrap and built the rest my self. I used Bootstrap in many projects where I work and I liked it more and more. But still, I wasn't totally satisfied.

Then suddenly I discovered a CSS framework called It was so easy to set up and start using. It was lightweight and the sites I used it on loaded more quickly than when I used Bootstrap.

JavaScript framework

Many years ago I started learning JavaScript. Vanilla JavaScript sucks. I felt it was too hard doing anything cool. One evening when I was talking to a friend, he mentioned something called jQuery. That same evening when I came home I opened my laptop and started reading about jQuery. It looked so awesome. I downloaded a minified file containing jQuery and started experimented. At the time I was creating my own CMS, so I wanted to implement jQuery in the backend to create some cool features. I added drag-and-drop, in-line editing, right-click menus and many more cool features.

The first times when I used jQuery, I felt that I could build anything. It was really awesome to work with. But after some years it started feeling dated. It wasn't modern any more.

I heard about something called Angular and searched it up online. I went through a couple of tutorials and liked what I saw. It was very different from jQuery and the learning curve was very steep. When I built stuff I kept feeling that it was very bloated and not particularly quick.

Discovered Vue.js

I had used Angular in a couple of projects and the same with React.js. But they didn't give me any good feeling when I worked with them. One evening I stumbled upon a JavaScript framework called Vue.js and it just clicked right away. It was exactly like jQuery, just modern. Vue.js was easy to set up and I got hooked right away. Every new project I start now uses Vue.js.

If there is one framework I can't recommend enough, it's Vue.js.


Right now, my two favorite frontend frameworks are Vue.js and What do you think about these two frontend frameworks?


Euri Perez | Jan 04, 21 12:52

Nice web page, it's good to see you hand made it ! alsoi think i'm loving your VueJS courses with python and django.

Stein Ove Helset | Jan 05, 21 05:53

Hi Euri! Thanks you so much for the feedback, It means so much to me to read comments like this :-D

Anshu | Apr 22, 21 02:53

Thanx for sharing about latest technology & your love with coding which we can feel in your post.

Stein Ove Helset | Apr 29, 21 05:05

Hi Anshu :-) Thank you for the comment :-)

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