Setting up - Building a time tracking SaaS using Django and Vue - Part 1

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This is part 1 of this series. In this part, we will install some software and set up our environment. I will also create a Django app and some templates. The templates will be used for the front page, terms of service, privacy policy and plans.

To do list for part 1

-Create a virtual environment and activate it
-Install Django and create an empty project
-Initialize the database and create a super user -Start the development server and test. Also, log in to the admin area.
-Create a Django app for the core views
-Create the base template file
-Create the front page
-Create a very simple privacy policy and terms of agreements page
-Create a page for showing the different pricing plans

If you want to see the pre release video for this project, you can find information about it here: Pre release video



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