The journey so far - a short summary of Code With Stein

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In late April 2020 I decided to start a YouTube channel and came up with the name "Code With Stein". It's been live over six months now, and this is how is going now.

The beginning

In the beginning, things was really slow. I was only getting a few views per day and I got a subscriber here and there. It was a huge milestone everytime I hit a new round number like 50.

I really liked creating videos and the more I created, the more views and subscribers I got.

After a little while, I started a series called "Building a simple SaaS from scratch using Django and Vue". This gave me a little spike in the subscribers count and my views picked up a little bit.

Reaching 1000 subscribers

It took me 138 days to reach the first 1000 subscribers. Currently, I'm over 2000 :-) From 1000 to 2000, it took 69 days. So that's a really good improvement.

Reaching 1000 subscribers was also a huge milestone for me. It was a really awesome moment!

Watch hours

Since I started the channel, people have also watched my content for around 4500 hours. So that's something. Since I now have over 1000 subscribers and my watch hours has reached 4000, I can now start showing ads in my videos.

The ad revenue is very low, but at least it's something.

What's next?

Well, I'm just going to continue adding more content to the channel and website. I want Code With Stein to become much bigger so I can help even more people become better at programming.

I have a ton of ideas for videos and content, and I also get a lot of good suggestions from my subscribers.

Thanks for reading this and thanks for watching my videos :-)


Simon | Dec 18, 20 03:25

You are definitely going to make a difference! There arent that many videos about django + vue that covers part by part. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge, you will definitely get more subscribers. Very promising material

Stein Ove Helset | Dec 18, 20 12:57

Hi! Thanks :-D
I really hope so, I like helping people with this stuff :-D

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