UpAhoy - Simple uptime monitors

UpAhoy - Simple uptime monitors

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UpAhoy is the second project of my 12 micro startups in 12 months.

How did the first month go?

I worked on hubblon for a couple of weeks and released it after I had tested it and polished some of the features. The first days, I got a few sign ups from people on twitter and similar. But not much more than that happened. One of the guys who signed up testet the project very good for me and found a bunch of things I had either forgotten to add or things that wasn’t working. So i fixed those as quickly as possible.

I never really thought that hubblon was going to be a success, so i haven’t done any marketing besides talking about it here on the channel.

I think there are around 15 people who have signed up so far, but none of them are paying members.

What I’m I working on now?

This month, I’m a little bit more excited about the project I’m building. I started working on it the on the first of march. The project is called UpAhoy and it’s an uptime monitor for websites.

All of the functionality is already on place like authentication, recurring payments, sms and email notifications, cron jobs and so on. I was actually able to reuse a lot of the code from the previous project.

Now you can create multiple different types of monitors. One monitor type is for just checking the status of the page, is it up or down and similar.

One monitor type is a keyword checker. This can check if the page is up, and if there is a specific text on the page and similar. I have also port monitoring and SSL monitoring to check if a certificate is about to expire.

I have deployed it to a live server. So you can already go to upahoy.com and try it out for free.

And that’s basically every thing I have done on that front since last time. Since we’re only a little bit more than half way in March, I still have a lot of time to polish the project and make sure everything is working. Maybe I’ll even get time to do some marketing

Since the project is live, I would love to get some feedback on it :-)


Aditya Priyadarshi | Apr 15, 23 03:37

Very great website Mr. Stein, I like the UI very much.

Just want to know that is some kind of background jobs like celery is running which pings the website and check it.

I would appreciate very much if you teach us about these kind of background jobs in Django in your future videos

Stein Ove Helset | Apr 18, 23 06:46

Hey, thank you so much :-D
There is no celery! I just use cronjobs for running a python/django script to see if the website is up/down, and similar :-)
I will probably make a tutorial where I build UpAhoy from scratch at one point ;-)

Aj | Oct 02, 23 09:49

Dear Stein,
I have recently started following your 'Build an e-commerce site with django and Vue' on YouTube. Although I'm 3 years late to it, it's great content. I watch your video and code along with you. I'm looking forward to watching the build of a Learning Management System as I want to build one for my wife who is a Special Education teacher.

Thank you for putting this content.


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