What are Django Inclusion Tags?

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Django inclusion tags are a way to include a pre-rendered piece of a Django template within another template.

They allow you to reuse common template code and keep your templates organized and maintainable.

To use an inclusion tag, you first need to create a template tag library and define a function that returns the rendered template code. For example, let's say we have a template tag library called my_tags with a function called render_hello. To use this function as an inclusion tag, we can do the following in our template:

{% load my_tags %}
{% render_hello %}

This will include the rendered output of the render_hello function in the template.

To define the render_hello function, we can do the following in our template tag library:

from django import template

register = template.Library()

def render_hello():
    return {'name': 'World'}

The @register.inclusion_tag decorator registers the function as an inclusion tag and specifies the template to be rendered. The function returns a context dictionary that is used to render the template. In this example, the template hello.html will be rendered with the context {'name': 'World'}.

Here is an example of what the hello.html template might look like:

<h1>Hello {{ name }}!</h1>

Inclusion tags can also accept arguments. For example, we can modify the render_hello function to accept a name argument:

def render_hello(name):
    return {'name': name}

We can then pass a value for the name argument when we use the inclusion tag in our template:

{% load my_tags %}
{% render_hello "John" %}

This will render the hello.html template with the context {'name': 'John'}.

Inclusion tags are a powerful tool for reusing template code and keeping your templates organized. They can help you avoid repeating the same code in multiple templates and make it easier to maintain your templates over time.


Aditya Priyadarshi | Jan 04, 23 04:26

Mr. Stein, you are literally a life savior
Now I can easily add up the embeds in my application

Stein Ove Helset | Jan 08, 23 07:39

Nice, glad to hear that :-D

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