What does my morning look like as a remote web developer?

What does my morning look like as a remote web developer?

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Every week days look almost identically for mer. This is how I wake up and get ready for a day in front of my computer.

Waking up

I try to sleep around 6 hours every night. 6 hours seems like the perfect amount of time for me. It hurts when I wake up, but I don't get tired during the day. Anyways, I normally wake up around 06:20. I never snooze the alarm, because it's training my discipline. When I'm up I go straight to the shower and turn it on, count to three and jump in. I always turn the water as cold as possible (I hate the cold) because it wakes me up, and again it's training my discipline.

When the shower is finished, I'm brushing my teeth and let my dog out to empty his bladder.

When I'm back inside I make my self some coffee and fruits. Sometimes I eat cereal. Since I'm usually still a little bit tired, I try to do some push-ups before the work starts. I try to take three sets of 30 push-ups. Not a lot, but it wakes me up and kick starts my energy.

Side hustle

Before the work starts, I like to use 15-20 minutes on one of my countless projects. It can be this blog, a game or an app. 15-20 minutes isn't that much. But it lets me write a few lines of code, test my game, check email and so on.

Starting to work

When the clock show 07:00, work starts. At the beginning of each day, I open my email and check if there is something new. I also like to respond to stuff I need. I also check my to-do list to see if there is anything I need to focus on, or just pick up what I did the day before.

And that is basically how every morning starts. What does your morning look like?


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