30 days of Django - Introduction

30 days of Django - Introduction

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In this tutorial series, you will get an introduction to Django in just 30 days.

I will begin with installation and setup, continue with explaining how things work and similar. After this, I will build an application. The most important part of this tutorial is to learn about how Django works and similar, and not the application it self.

The project we're going to build is a todo application. We will build it piece by piece, and I will introduce lots of important features of Django.

This series will be perfect for beginners and people who wants to dive into Django. I will explain things as well as I can, so if you've already tried Django but don't understand it, hopefully this series will be helpful to you.

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Guzman | May 23, 22 08:37

I’m glad to be here with your Django content

Stein Ove Helset | May 24, 22 09:21

Glad to have you here as well :-D

Excel | Jun 24, 22 10:33

Awesome to get this page

Stein Ove Helset | Jun 25, 22 05:48

Thank you :-D

Buchii | Jul 29, 22 05:06

I randomly searched best Django resources and your platform came up... Glad to be here.
I'm kinda having a mixed feeling, recently I started learning Flask - for about a month or two now. But I rarely see a job posting with flask, it's mostly Node.js or Django. And my tech friends told me flask is no good. Now am here, as confused as ever.
Any advice?

Stein Ove Helset | Jul 30, 22 01:24

Hey, cool!
Keep learning Django, or whatever you want. When you first know a framework well, it will be easier to learn other.
Also, employers often look for people who are willing to learn and not always a specific tech.
But Django is a good choice at least :-)

Kashif | Nov 13, 22 12:43

yes, I find it good

Stein Ove Helset | Nov 19, 22 06:50

Great :-D

mujahidul | Jan 30, 24 01:49

Hi! I found your videos very useful. I was wondering if you have a video /series which is specifically about how to do the following: create a signup, login and profile page. I only want to learn how to do those things because from there onwards, I will develop my own application. I would love it if you can email me your response as I may forget to check this site.

Best wishes!

Stein Ove Helset | Jan 30, 24 05:26

Hey, I don't have a video specifically for this now. But authentication is a part of many of my videos both here and on my YouTube channel though.

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