Show list of categories - 30 days of Django

Show list of categories - 30 days of Django

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In this part, we are going to show all of the categories in a sidebar on our template.

Getting the categories

The first thing we need to do here is to do some changes to the frontpage view. So open up task/ and make the following changes:

from django.shortcuts import render

from .models import Task
from category.models import Category # New, 1

def frontpage(request):
    title = 'This is a variable'
    tasks = Task.objects.all()
    categories = Category.objects.all() # New, 2

    return render(request, 'task/frontpage.html', {'title': title, 'tasks': tasks, 'categories': categories}) # Changed, 3

1. First, we import the category model.
2. Then, we get all of the categories from the database and assign it to a variable.
3. And to make it available for use in the template, we add it here in the dictionary.

Great, now we need to restructure the template a little bit. I know that it looks aweful, but it will be fixed a little bit later in the series. Open up the file called "frontpage.html" and make it look like this:

{% extends 'task/base.html' %}

{% block content %}
    <div class="frontpage">
        <h1>{{ title }}</h1>

        <div class="columns">
            <div class="column is-8">

                {% for task in tasks %}
                        <p>{{ task.title }}</p>
                {% endfor %}

            <div class="column is-4">

                {% for category in categories %}
                        <p>{{ category.title }}</p>
                {% endfor %}
{% endblock %}

So here is a few new changes. We added some more divs, so it's easier to separate the tasks from the categories. Don't worry about the class names (columns, columns, is-8) yet, we will come back to that.

If you go to the browser again now, you will see the tasks listed there, but also all of the categories.

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